West Point is a private, professional venture capital management group, headquarted in Burnaby, B.C. Canada. West Point’s investments emphasis is on early stage companies globally which have the management and product potential to become world leaders in their markets. The focus of these is in, but not limited to High Technology industries and mining.

West Point has a unique set of capabilities - long experience in venture capital, management depth, extensive contacts World Wide in emerging industries. These capabilities allow investors to profit at the highest possible return from funding companies at its early stages.

Jetaway Marketing Inc., "JMI" has a clear objective to invest in and establish professional entities in the sports, leisure and entertainment industries in North America and Asia. From hockey, golf, baseball, football, bowling, sports bars, merchandising and media broadcasting, JMI offers an investment opportunity for growth worldwide. Investing in Jetaway Marketing Inc. makes a winning team!!
Pan Pacific Developments "PPD" is a USA/CANADIAN based commercial, industrial and residential land development company. We are pleased to welcome you to Pan Pacific inc.com where you can fully understand our investment philosophy and view our growing real estate portfolio. Our overriding goal is to create and capture value through
  1. aggressively pursuing value added opportunities
  2. selectively developing strategically located property, and
  3. proactively managing our properties.
We hope that you will take the time to learn more about "PPD" and how we may work together.
Cedar Creek Mines is developing a leading edge role in the discovery, evaluation and development of mineral deposits in Southeast Asia and North America. The company plans to build a portfolio of investments in new mining joint ventures, with the focus on gold, silver, copper and zinc projects at an advantage stage of mine evaluation and development. The company was incorporated on the 12th day of January 2004, under the Company Act of the Province of British Columbia under the name Cedar Creek Mines.
Nanospider Technology is a diversified, development stage nano technology company structured to bring together an innovative mix of technologies in the areas of Semiconductors and manufacturing processes. Nanotechnology generally refers itself to the investigations, design and manipulation of matter at the atomic, molecular, or macromolecular levels. Due to their size and unique properties, nanoscale materials, devices, and systems could be used in variety of different commercial applications.
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